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  • Soya Protein Processing Line

Soya Protein Processing Line


Soya Protein Processing Line makes a wide variety of soya protein or bread snacks (also known as croutons).

Soya Protein Processing Line makes a wide variety of soya protein or bread snacks (also known as croutons). 

These lines integrate the mixing, cooking, shaping, cutting and drying stages required to make these products. This means food manufacturers can make bread snacks more quickly and more cost-effectively than they would with traditional bake-and-toast batch processing.

Flow Chart: Mixing - Extruding - Drying - Cooling

Soya Protein Processing Line

Advantages of Soya Protein Extrusion Line:


1. Greatly reduced processing time and higher productivity


2. Flexibility to process a wide variety of bread snacks and croutons for soups and salads


3. Intensified processing, resulting in reduced energy and water consumption


4. Process control to produce high-quality products with consistent features and flavor

Technical Parameters of Soya Protein Extruding Line:

QL-65120-150kg/hr70kw25 x 5 x 3m
QL-70200-260kg/hr80kw28 x 5 x 3m
QL-85300-500kg/hr150kw33 x 5 x 3m

Soya Protein Processing Line

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