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3D Snacks Processing Line


3D Snacks Processing Line could produce 3D snacks or compound pellets with various shapes and meet different materials & recipes.

●Many cooking systems have been and are in use to produce pellet snacks from unprocessed fl ours and starches but the most internationally known and used is the cooking extrusion system.

●Forming extruders are used to shape the pellets after cooking, to make die cut products or to extrude sheets or ribbons to be shaped and cut at distance from the die. When the raw materials are already pre-cooked, like for instance with potato based products, there is no need for the cooking step: this pellet production process is referred to as cold extrusion.

●All raw materials requiring cooking are processed in the first extrusion-cooking step, followed by the shaping step of the cooked mass, which can be either the above-mentioned cold extrusion or any other system capable of giving a correct shape to the hot dough before the drying.

Technical Parameters:

QL-100S100-150kg/hr80kw30 x 5 x 3m
QL-120S200-300kg/hr125kw40 x 5 x 3m

3D Snacks Processing Line

3D Snacks Processing Line

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