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Snacks Bar Forming Machine has been finished for a Saudi Arab customer. This Cereal Bar Machine can produce cereal bar, snacks bar, protein bar with various shapes and sizes by changing the molds, like round, ball, triangle, square, heart, etc. The advantage of Nuts Bar Machine is covering smaller space and very easy to operate. Also the clean and maintenance can be done quickly. The final cereal bars have even and nice shape with similar quality, delicious taste and healthy factors, which can bring back the investment at a short period of time. Our Muesli Bar Machine Controlled by PLC and touch screen to realize easy operation and setting; and Equipped Using Mixer to Combine the Substances and reduce the Labour Price; Material Hopper has heater to Maintain materials temperature; Continuous production with No Pause or Stop even at cutting Process, thus Can increase the Generation efficiency.

For more details about Muesli Bar Machine, please contact us for more details.

Snacks Bar Forming Machine

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