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Last week, we finished Snacks Bar Forming Machine for Saudi Arab customer, and now it has been packed for delivery. Very good test running with customer’s satisfactory, and it must could help the customer to get success at local market.

Our Snacks Extrusion Machine Featured simple design and easy operation, trouble free production, product in variety of shapes & sizes, proven technology. Produces extruded snacks in various dimensions and shapes including Curls, Balls, Rings, Wheels, Tubes, Chips, Sticks, Popcorn etc.

We provide exclusive manufacturing lines for Ready to consume Baked and Fried kind Extruded Snacks. The extruder line comprises state of the art technologies complete with technical and design assistance, alterations are incorporated to match local requirements.

For more details regarding this test running, please contact Dragons Machine.

Snacks Bar Forming Machine

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