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As a Food Extruder Machine Supplier, today we will look at the eight advantages of feed expansion equipment~

1. The puffed feed has good palatability, which can effectively avoid the grade change of the feed, and will not affect the use effect due to the uneven nutrition.

2. Various pressure and mechanical effects during the expansion process can improve the gelatinization degree of starch in the feed, destroy and soften the cell wall portion of the fiber, denature the protein, improve the stability of the fat, and improve the digestibility and utilization rate of the feed. At the same time, the fat penetrates from the inside of the granule to the surface, so that the feed has a special scent, which is beneficial to increase the appetite of the animal.

3. After the high temperature and high pressure puffing, the feed ingredients can kill a variety of harmful bacteria, thus effectively reducing the occurrence of diseases in the digestive tract of the body.

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